Catalogue essays written for exhibitions by Melbourne photographer Andrew Curtis



Catalogue essay for Underpin, an exhibition by Andrew Curtis at Christine Abrahams Gallery 2005



‘Gothic Architecture’, essay for Slab, an exhibition by Andrew Curtis, Christine Abrahams Gallery 2003



Catalogue essay for Volt, an exhibition by Andrew Curtis at Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne, 2000


Greg Neville was The Age Newspaper photography critic between 1990-1993. For curiosity and historical interest, three of the sixty articles are presented. A list of all articles and their publication dates is presented below.


Images of an inventive construction

The Age 4.2.1992


Pictures from another era

The Age 27.7.1993


Photographs evoke an era rich in hope

The Age 11.10.1991



List of photography reviews by Greg Neville published in The Age Newspaper

Three exhibitions show directions 18.11.1988 Jacqueline Mittelman-Faces of Australia (The Art Gallery); Anne Zahalka-Resemblances I, Resemblances II (200 Gertrude Street); Chris Barry, New Work (Artists Space)

Colleges make their distinctive impacts 7.12.1988 Prahran Graduate Show (Artists Space); Light, Silver Earth, MCAE Graduates (Roar 2)

The bazaar in two-dimensions and the bizarre 1.6.1990 Vivienne Mehes, Bazaar Portraits (Footscray Community Arts Centre). Peter Dressler (Westpac Gallery). New Dimensions (Photographers Gallery)

Art of being a fashionable artist 14.6.1990 Ann Zahalka: ‘Artists’ (City Gallery). Anthony Woolrich (Linden Gallery). Robert Ashton photogravures (Luba Bilu Gallery)

Polite tame and pretty art that makes few demands on viewers 28.6.1990 Twenty Contemporary Australian Photographers from the Hallmark Card Collection (National Gallery of Victoria)

Images explore dreams, myth and human reality 18.7.1990 Kodak Five Visions (Artists Space); Harry Seidler 1948-1990 (Exhibitions Gallery, Waverley Centre)

A world of fragments and isolated parts 9.8.1990 James McArdle-Tilted Plane; Ian Macintosh-Affection; Rick Wood-Fugue (Artists Space). Max Dupain (Christine Abrahams Gallery)

Waverley collection leaves many photographs in limbo 24.8.1990 Australian Photography-The City of Waverley Collection, (The Exhibitions Gallery)

Victoria’s photography finds its roots 7.9.1990

A notable collector of social images 3.10.1990 John Williams: photographer (National Gallery of Victoria)

Shock tactics of the lens, chasing a theory of truth 8.10.1990 Jo Spence Collaborarive Works (George Paton Gallery)

Quirky offbeat look at the banal 26.10.1990 From the Homefront: Robert Rooney (Monash University Gallery). Familiar Stories: Julie Millowick (Victorian Centre for Photography)

Photographic artists risk leaving viewer out of the picture 21.11.1990 Phillip Institute Graduate Exhbition (Artists Space)

Commentary on art and religion 13.12.1990 The Axonometry of the Crucifixion: Vince Dziekan (Victorian Centre for Photography). The Art of the Colour Factory (Lighthouse Gallery). Maha Bahrat: photographic works by Jacqueline Riva (City Gallery)

Photographic art needs boost 8.1.1991 Photography 1990

National Gallery puts 130 years of photography on bold display 25.1.1991 Recent Acquisitions (National Gallery of Victoria). Having a Go! Bill Boyd’s Mallee (Waverley Exhibitions Gallery)

Exhibition shows there’s much more to Mapplethorpe than his notoriety 15.3.1991 New York Style – Robert Mapplethorpe and Jan Groover (National Gallery of Victoria). Rick Altman-Industrial Photographs (Waverley Exhibitions Gallery)

Wide range of styles in exhibitions 26.3.1991 Charles Radnay (Artists Space). Harry Nankin-Traces (Capricorn Gallery). Women’s Images of Women (Westpac Gallery)

Limitation in absence of message 16.4.1991 Worthy Habits and Mantles, Rose Farrell and George Parkin (Girgis and Klym Gallery); Roman Wilderness, Ian Macintosh; Dissolve, Julie Ann Lucas (Stuart Gerstman Gallery); Ills Caused by Love and Desire, Christopher Koller (City Gallery)

Empty Tienanmen platitudes 8.7.1991 The Tienanmen Square Incident, Bashir Baraki (Victorian Centre for Photography). Double Concerto-An essay in fiction by John Cato (Luba Bilu Gallery)

Carol Jerrems, a talent not fully realised 27.8.1991 Living in the ‘70s, photographs by Carol Jerrems (The Exhibitions Gallery, Wheelers Hill)

Brandt photographs get into minds of subjects 20.9.1991 Cecil Beaton (Flinders Lane Gallery). Jon Rhodes Exhibition (Gabrielle Pizzi Gallery). Jon Rhodes and the Kundat Jaru Mob (National Gallery of Victoria)

The world as Beaton saw it 25.9.1991 Cecil Beaton (Arts Centre Foyer). Skin, by Ann Harris (200 Gertrude Street). On the Shadow Line (Victorian Centre for Photography)

Photographs evoke an era rich in hope 11.10.1991 The Life and Work of Wolfgang Sievers (National Gallery of Victoria)

A patchy pot-pourri of camera work 24.10.1991 Artists Portraits of Artists (Victorian Centre for Photography). Violations: Photographs by Mavis Mair (Linden Gallery). Postcards and Portraits – Paul Watkins (Terra Australis Gallery). Scopic Territories: Rozalind Drummond (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art)

Stephenson has nature’s powers of astonishment 22.11.1991 David Stephenson-Vast, Photographs from Europe and Antarctica (Melbourne Contemporary Art Gallery). Andrew Curtis – Moving to Florida (Christine Abrahams Gallery)

Charm and romance of six decades of Max Dupain’s work 10.12.1991 Max Dupain (Christine Abrahams Gallery). Women over 60 – Ruth Maddison (Victorian Centre for Photography). Felix H. Mann – A Pioneer of Photojournalism (National Gallery of Victoria)

Few gems among the many rhinestones 1.1.1992 A Year in the Arts

Images of an inventive construction 4.2.1992 A Constructed Reality, (National Gallery of Victoria)

Images from Victoria’s colonial past 19.3.1992 Colonial Vistas and Recent Acquisitions (Waverley City Gallery). Critic’s Choice (Victorian Centre for Photography)

Aspects of life in works of art 7.4.1992 Through Their Own Eyes, the personal portfolios of Edward Weston and Ansel Adams (Westpac Gallery). Felix H. Man Memorial Prize (National Galley of Victoria). Bruce Postle Photographs (Melbourne Contemporary Art Gallery)

Two views at odds 25.6.1992 China Cuba, photographic essays by Emmanuel Santos and Tania Jovanovic (Galleria, World Trade Centre). Object A, Susan Fereday (Sutton Gallery)

An exercise in myth-making 27.5.1992 Uncommon Australians – Towards a National Portrait Gallery (National Gallery of Victoria)

A look at the right stuff 23.6.1992 A Reflected Gaze – Portrait Photography from the Collection of the National Gallery (Waverley City Gallery)

Celebration of individuality and otherness 22.7.1992 Diane Arbus (National Gallery of Victoria); Tom Henneman – Metropolis (Melbourne Contemporary Art Gallery); Rose Farrell and George Parkin, John Miller (Girgis and Klym Gallery); Claudia Rossi (Linden Gallery)

Subtle images in fine print 17.09.1992 Bernie O’Regan-Notes to Friends (Victorian Centre for Photography). Mark Strizic – A Celebration (Christine Abrahams Gallery). Melbourne Life (Lower Town Hall, Melbourne). Temple of Flora (Waverley City Gallery). Berenice Abbot’s New York (Tolarno Galery)

Pictures light on quality 24.9.1992 Christopher Makos – Warhol and other portfolios (Theatres Building, Victorian Arts Centre). Rennie Ellis – Carnival in Rio (Westpac Gallery). Balenciaga-Masterpieces of Fashion Design (National Gallery of Victoria)

Blowing up the myth of truth 16.10.1992 After the Fact & You Put Your Whole Self In (Victorian Centre for Photography). Variations – Linda Jullyan (Luba Bilu Gallery)

Romantic effects in cameraless photo 16.11.1992 Adam Fuss (National Gallery of Victoria). After a Fashion, Polly Borland and Andrew Lehman (Ian Potter Gallery, Melbourne University). Naked Face, Jillian Gara (Panorama)

Dull images of the city 24.12.1992 Sites of the Imagination (National Gallery of Victoria). Just Pretend I’m Not Here, photographs by Peter Milne (Performing Arts Museum)

The year in pictures: plenty of action but few lasting images 6.1.1993 Photography 1992

Wall-to-wall in the salon 24.2.1993

Agfa Summer Salon and John Banagan-Portraits of Cambodia (Centre for Contemporary Photography). Gesture-recent works by Ann Zahalka (City Gallery) The Year in Pictures

Images of the Jewish experience 12.3.1993 Survivors of the Holocaust in Victoria: Portraits by Elizabeth Gilliam (Centre for Contemporary Photography). No One Left Like You – Photographs by Irene Pletka (Flinders Lane Gallery). Freeze: works by Kevin Wilson; Elsewhere, photographs by Jan Parker and Peta Clancy (Centre for Contemporary Photography)

Drab images fail to speak on male identity 24.4.1993 Immortality- Are-examination of the Hero, (Centre for Contemporary Photography)

Waverley’s depth of field 4.6.1993 Recent Acquisitions (Waverley City Gallery)

Pondering the mysteries of art and femininity 14.6.1993 Moments of Intimacy: Regis Lansac (Panorama)

Two views at odds 25.6.1993 China Cuba, Photographic essays by Emmanuel Santos and Tania Jovanovic (Galleria, World Trade Centre); Object A, Susan Fereday (Sutton Gallery)

Twin panoramas lacking in a touch of lyricism 2.7.1993 Wesley Stacey Photographs; Narelle Perroux Photographs (Christine Abrahams Gallery)

Some perspectives from the islands 8.7.1993 42 Degrees South, 175 Degrees East (Waverley City Gallery) Museum of Silence, Melita Dahl; Photos from the ‘Courier’ collected by Peter Tyndall (Centre for Contemporary Photography)

Pictures from another era 22.7.1993 In a New Light, Aspects of Australian Pictorialist Photography (National Gallery of Victoria)

Starn twins to test artistic judgement 22.9.1993 Mike & Doug Starn (National Gallery of Victoria)

Directness of photograms blends objectivity and surrealism 18.10.1993 Photograms:1918 to the Present; Extracts from a Not-So-Funny Picture Book, photographs by Cath Barcan (Centre for Contemporary Photography)

Through a lens lightly, with an eerie glow 16.11.1993 Dan Armstrong, Persistence; Ruth Maddison: Greetings from Blanche Street (Linden Gallery); Ann Harris, The Cult of the Fragment (Luba Bilu Gallery)

Conditioned reflex, but students lively 15.12.1993 Reflex (Centre for Contemporary Photography). Of Flesh and Blood (Helen Schutt Gallery). Felix H. Man Memorial Prize (National Gallery of Victoria)

An art in search of identity 31.12.1993 ‘93, The Critics’ Year

A snapshot of photography 7.1.1994 The Kodak Acquisition Show; 10th Anniversary of Kodak (Australasia) PL Fund. (National Gallery of Australia, Canberra)

Solemn and refined beauty in color prints No date Bill Henson: The Paris Opera Project (Realites Gallery)

Exhibition gives a glimpse of Scott’s last journey No date Ice Pics-Herbert Ponting:Photographs of Scott’s Antarctica 1910-1912 (Waverley City Gallery)

Arbus visions full of intense surprise No date Diane Arbus (Flinders Lane Gallery)