The Modern Idea

Pigment inkjet prints

Photographs of modernist architecture around the world.

New engineering developments joined with the spirit of renewal to create a new architecture for the twentieth century: simple structural forms, an absence of decoration and an honest expression of the industrial materials of their construction.

Taustraliasquare1 Tbauhaus2 Tbrasov3
Tdentalhospital4 Thorizonseidler5 Tlecorbusierberlin6
TMiesBerlin7 Tmyermusic8 Toperahouse9
TSeagram10 Tshellhaus11 Tsixthave12
Tstanhill13 Tstanhill14 Tstanhill15
Tsutnarbaba16 Ttahara17 Ttaradale18
Ttelaviv19 Ttelaviv20 Ttreasury21
Tvillamuller22 Tacademy23 Pirelli24
Tvillamuller22 Tacademy23 Pirelli24


Australia Square, Sydney
Architect: Harry Seidler 1968